2019 Audiobook Challenge Progress

  As I was on holiday when the mid year update was supposed to be posted for this challenge, here is my update showing all the audiobooks I've listened to since January. If my records on Goodreads are correct,  I've listened to 35 audiobooks so far this year, which is pretty impressive as I was... Continue Reading →


Audiobook Tag

I saw this tag on Jonetta's fab blog Blue Mood Cafe and just had to join in as I love audiobooks, especially as June is Audiobook Month! Have you always listened to audiobooks or when did you begin? I remember borrowing books on tape from the library and also a friend who had lots of... Continue Reading →

Same Book, Different Cover

I love this meme created and hosted by Inge @The Belgian Reviewer highlighting the difference between covers for the same book. I've noticed the same thing happening with audiobooks as well, so let's have a look at some covers. I definitely prefer the first cover, although the second one shows the story better I like... Continue Reading →

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