#BookReview – Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewell #InvisibleGirl #LibraryLoveChallenge

From Goodreads:"Owen Pick’s life is falling apart. In his thirties, a virgin, and living in his aunt’s spare bedroom, he has just been suspended from his job as a geography teacher after accusations of sexual misconduct, which he strongly denies. Searching for professional advice online, he is inadvertently sucked into the dark world of incel—involuntary... Continue Reading →

#BookReview – People Like Her by Ellery Lloyd #People Like Her #ARC #NetGalley #Thriller

Goodreads synopsis: "Followed by millions. Hunted by one. THE INFLUENCER I need to be liked. It’s my job My personal brand is built on honesty. Family, friendship, cheering other mothers on when things get tough. Doing it together - telling it like it really is – that’s what @the_Mamabare is all about. THE HUSBAND I... Continue Reading →

#BookReview – Keeping a Nature Journal: Deepen Your Connection with the Natural World All Around You by Clare Walker Leslie #NetGalley #ARC #Nonfiction

“Originally published in 2000 with endorsements from E.O. Wilson and Jane Goodall, Clare Walker Leslie’s Keeping a Nature Journal was at the forefront of the nature observation and journaling movement. Leslie’s approach has long been acclaimed for its accessible style of teaching people to see, witness, and appreciate the wonders of nature, and her classic... Continue Reading →

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