February Wrap Up & Favourite Books of the Month #FebruaryWrapUp

During February I read 8 books and listened to 8 audiobooks making a grand total of 16 books! Wow 6 books over my monthly target of 10 books. I'm not sure how I managed it but I'm really pleased with that amount! 😀 Favourite Audiobooks I absolutely loved these audiobooks Other Favourites  How was your... Continue Reading →

January Wrap Up & Favourite Books of the Month #JanuaryWrapUp

I'm very pleased that I managed to hit my target of 10 books last month. During January I read 5 books and listened to 5 audiobooks, making it a grand total of 10 books. I know 2 were novellas, (the Soho Noir books) but they count as books on my Goodreads challenge, so I'm sticking... Continue Reading →

A Decade of Reading!

Hello everybody I'm back 😀  I saw this post on Reading Between The Pages the other day and I think it's a great way of wrapping up not only 2019, but the whole decade! I really enjoyed looking back through my stats on Goodreads. I haven't included all my favourites, just the books that definitely... Continue Reading →

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