AudioBookReview – My Life in Plants by Katie Vaz #NetGalley #Memoir #NonFiction #MyLifeinPlants

From Goodreads: "From stumpy potted houseplants to intricate and delicate flower arrangements, My Life in Plants is a heartfelt, honest memoir that intertwines the complex nature of houseplants with a journey of self-discovery. From Katie Vaz, author of Don’t Worry, Eat Cake, the beloved Make Yourself Cozy, and The Escape Manual for Introverts, comes My... Continue Reading →

AudioBookReview – Born to Be Mild by Rob Temple #NetGalley #Memoir #NonFiction #BornToBeMild

From Goodreads: "A handful of years ago I moved with my wife to a house on a quiet street in a quiet town and lay quietly in a room for a long time. I used to love an adventure, and I had jobs on magazines (remember magazines?) which provided the opportunity for plenty of them,... Continue Reading →

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