2019 Audiobook Challenge Progress

  As I was on holiday when the mid year update was supposed to be posted for this challenge, here is my update showing all the audiobooks I've listened to since January. If my records on Goodreads are correct,  I've listened to 35 audiobooks so far this year, which is pretty impressive as I was... Continue Reading →


20 Books of Summer 2019 #20BooksofSummer

Hosted by Cathy@746books The 20 Books of Summer is a reading challenge from 3 June to 3 September encouraging you to read up to 20 books from your TBR . Cathy herself admits that the rules are very slack and not to worry if you don’t manage to make it. Anyone is welcome to join... Continue Reading →

2019 Library Love Challenge

I saw this on Jonetta's blog recently and just knew it was my sort of challenge, as I'm always getting books from the library either physical or digital. It's hosted by Angels Guilty Pleasures and is probably one of the easiest challenges you can do.   Details: Runs: January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019.... Continue Reading →

2018 When Are You Reading Challenge

I've decided to join yet another reading challenge this year, the 2018 When Are You Reading Challenge hosted by Sam@Taking on a World of Words.  It involves reading a book predominantly set in twelve different time periods. Fortunately, I've already read a few books for the different eras and so have added links to my... Continue Reading →

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