cover198215-mediumFrom Goodreads: Two women. Five centuries apart.
One life-changing secret about to be unearthed…
Though Eleanor is not wealthy, the saffron spice she grows for her new husband is more valuable than gold. But as his reputation in Henry’s court soars, Eleanor soon understands that she has entered into a dangerous game. The king’s affections do not last forever, and she must do anything to protect her family.
Following a tragedy, Amber channels her grief into cataloguing her grandfather’s library. When she finds an ancient book that reveals a dark secret, she feels compelled to investigate. But as the truth begins to unravel, she realises the answers to Eleanor’s story lie closer to home than she could have ever imagined…
A gripping dual timeline historical novel about a mother’s love and hope in the darkest of times, perfect for fans of Lucinda Riley and Kathryn Hughes.

My Review

I absolutely loved everything about this audiobook, the story, the characters, the setting and the narration.

As you know I love historical fiction and this was perfect. I loved following Eleanor’s story in the 1500s. I don’t know an awful lot about that period, except of course how fickle Henry VIII was towards his wives and anybody else who might possibly have offended him. It was dangerous time to be a Roman Catholic and to be an up and coming merchant in his court! I loved the descriptions of Eleanor’s life and how she grew into her position at Saffron Hall, running a household and a business whilst her husband was away at court. I got swept away in this part of the story, visualising everything that was going on in the story.

Amber’s story in 2019 was very different and very emotional. I really felt for Amber and wanted to give her a hug at times. I loved following her journey too, as she accepted her situation whilst she read the ancient book mentioned in the synopsis above. Although Amber was timid in some ways, she was also adventurous and determined to discover the truth of what she read in the book. Her friend Becky was a great help and encouragement to her in more ways than one. I’m keeping my review vague as I don’t want to spoil the mystery of the story.

Hattie Ladbury was a fantastic new-to-me narrator! She brought the story and characters to life so perfectly, that she was everyone in the book. I will definitely listen to other audiobooks narrated by her.

Clare Marchant has written a wonderful story and I can’t wait to read or listen to her next book. I highly recommended this on audio if you enjoy historical fiction.

Thanks so much to NetGalley and HarperCollins Audio UK, Avon for my digital copy via the NetGalley app.