2020 Audiobook Challenge Final Update

When I posted my update back in July, I'd listened to 27 audiobooks, which was pretty impressive as I was originally aiming for 30 in my sign up post in January. I then decided I would try and double that amount to 60. I wonder if I did? 🤔 Woohoo I made it to 62!... Continue Reading →

#AudiobookReview – A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens read by Tom Baker #AChristmasCarol #Favourite #MustListen #2020HistFicReadingChallenge #2020AudiobookChallenge

From Goodreads: "A new, unabridged reading of the Charles Dickens classic featuring the sonorous and expressive voice of Tom Baker (Doctor Who). Ebenezer Scrooge refuses to accept that Christmas is a time for peace and goodwill to all men. Those less fortunate than him are charitable, but Scrooge remains set in his curmudgeonly ways. One... Continue Reading →

#AudiobookReview – Murder by Ghostlight by J.C. Briggs #MurderbyGhostlight #ACharlesDickensInvestigation #TantorMedia #LoveAudio #2020HistFicReadingChallenge

From Goodreads: "1850: When Charles Dickens discovers the corpse of an actor on the empty stage of a Manchester theatre, the renowned author himself becomes the number one suspect. But with the help of colleague and trusted friend Superintendent Jones of Bow Street, the two set out to find the identity of the real murderer.... Continue Reading →

#AudiobookReview- A Swarming of Bees by Theresa Tomlinson #HistFic #LoveAudio #ASwarmingofBees #2020WhenAreYouReading? #2020HistFicReadingChallenge

From Goodreads:"“A herbwife on a mule may go where warriors cannot – she may see what warriors cannot see and hear what warriors cannot hear!” The Monastery at Whitby is ruled over by the powerful and independent Abbess Hild. But when she needs someone to confide in, she turns to the honest warmth of her... Continue Reading →

Mini Reviews – Nonfiction Audiobook Reviews – Gone Fishing by Mortimer & Whitehouse and Wintering by Katherine May #GoneFishing #Wintering #audiobookreviews #nonfiction #memoirs #LoveAudio @ChloeRose1702 @bonnierbooks_uk

Sometimes it's hard to write reviews. So, rather than leave them languishing as drafts, I've decided to share them as mini reviews instead. Who knows maybe this will become a regular feature? Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing by Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse - Courtesy of Bonnier Audio UK "Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse have... Continue Reading →

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