Standalone Sunday is a weekly meme hosted by  Megan @ bookslayerreads.Standalone Sunday was created to let others know about all the standalone books you have loved, but maybe don’t get the attention they need. Megan created the banner as well and anyone joining in can use it too. Why not check out her blog too🙂

The Taste of Air by Gail Cleare

32179161“A simple phone call disrupts Nell Williams’ well-ordered life. Her mother, Mary, is in a hospital in Vermont. But her mother is supposed to be safely tucked away in an assisted-living facility in Massachusetts, so Nell can’t fathom why she would be so far from home.

After notifying her sister, Bridget, Nell hops on a plane and rushes to her mother’s side. There, she discovers that her mother has been living a second life. Mary has another home and a set of complex relationships with people her daughters have never met.

When Nell and Bridget delve deeper into their mother’s lakeside hideaway, they uncover a vault of family secrets and the gateway to change for all three women. ”

I loved this book when I read it last year. It made me think about my family situation and what I’d do if my mother was not where she was supposed to be. If you like books about family secrets you’ll enjoy this.