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First Line Friday



First Line Friday is a new meme started by Arleigh at Historical-fiction.comChoose a book from my shelf and post the first sentence. You can even use the image which she created herself for the meme.

“I’m happy being single, really I am.”


The Villa Girls by Nicky Pellegrino

“The story of four young women who decide that wherever they are in the world, and whatever they’re doing, they’ll meet every few years for a holiday together somewhere sunny. Despite life taking them in very different directions, their snatched days in the sun in little hidden villas are crucial to them all. Escape, celebration, recovery—over the years the holidays change their lives. Rosie was always the odd one out—initially only invited as the others felt sorry for her, but it seems that in the end, she might be the one whose life is touched the most by her villa days. ”

A perfect read for when they days are dark and cold and you’re looking for the light and heat of summer.






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