51gBV0IlnlLFrom Goodreads:Escape to the cosiest little lodge in Iceland for love, log fires and the Northern Lights… With a shattered heart and her career completely in tatters, Lucy needs to get away from her life in the UK. But, when she takes a job as hotel manager of the Northern Lights Lodge, she doesn’t quite expect to find herself in a land of bubbling hot springs and snowflake-dusted glaciers – and in the company of gorgeous Scottish barman, Alex. Determined to turn her life around, Lucy sets about making the lodge the number one romantic destination in Iceland – even though romance is the last thing she wants. However, as Alex and Lucy grow closer under the dancing lights of the aurora, Lucy might just learn how to fall in love again…

My Review

This book was soo good, I’m so glad I finally read it! As I’ve mentioned before I’m a huge fan of this series and always pre-order the next book when I know it’s coming out.

I loved Lucy and Alex the two main characters and oh how I loved the chemistry between them. It started of really slowly and then warmed up as the story went along, getting a bit steamy at one point!

The Icelandic setting was perfect, I’d love to stay there but only if Lucy, Alex, Helka and co were running it. It really did sound like the perfect place to stay, even with the problems with the huldufólk, Icelandic elves. 😉

All the characters were so real that I was sorry to finish reading this book as I felt like I was leaving friends behind. If the other books are anything to go by, one of these characters is sure to crop in another book in the series.

If you’re looking for a cosy winter romance I definitely recommend this one. In fact I recommend the whole Romantic Escapes series!