mynameisnobodyGoodreads blurb “‘I know a secret. A secret that changes everything…’
Solomon Vine was the best of his generation, a spy on a fast track to the top. But when a prisoner is shot in unexplained circumstances on his watch, only suspension and exile beckon.
Three months later, MI6’s Head of Station in Istanbul is abducted from his home. There are signs of a violent struggle. With the Service in lockdown, uncertain of who can be trusted, thoughts turn to the missing man’s oldest friend: Solomon Vine.

Officially suspended, Vine can operate outside the chain of command to uncover the truth. But his investigation soon reveals that the disappearance heralds something much darker. And that there’s much more at stake than the life of a single spy…”

My Review

What a fabulous tale of secrets, deception and surprises this was, a great mixture of James Bond, Le Carre and Frederick Forsyth.

This was yet another audiobook via the Libby App from the library narrated perfectly by Colin Mace. Both author and narrator were new to me and hooked me early on. I really enjoyed all the descriptions of Solomon Vine living a life in the shadows, putting all his espionage expertise to the test, using burner phones, fake ids, working out ciphers, checking his wasn’t being following and of course working out who he can trust!

Without giving anything away, I had inkling about what was going on about half way through, but I did have my doubts several times. I really think this story would transfer so well to the screen, big or small.

I definitely recommend this if you enjoy mysteries and especially spy stories. I’m looking forward to reading the author’s next book, due to be published next year.