Thanks Joe@J.W. Martin  for nominating me for this award and apologies for taking so long to answer your fab questions.

You’re being blackmailed by an evil overlord to pull off the heist of the century. You need to assemble a crew who can pull off the heist and thwart the overlord at the same time. Who do you choose? (curveball: can only pick ONE character from each book world)

The White Witch from Narnia – she could turn everyone to stone as the heist is going on.
James Bond – need I say more?

Charles Holborne – a barrister from 1960s London with a few extra tricks up his sleeve.
Detective ‘Nine Nails’ McGray of Victorian Edinburgh, who has dabblings in the supernatural world
Sherlock Holmes who would be the brains behind the heist

A book mashup you’d love to see? (example: Harry Potter meets The Illuminae Files)

I love the Chronicles of Narnia and I do enjoy a good James Bond story so how about a Narnia 007 Adventure? I’ve no idea how it would work but who cares it sounds like fun! 😀

If you could only read books from five authors for the rest of your life. Who do you choose?

C.S Lewis because I can easily re-read The Chronicles of Narnia
Charles Dickens as I listen to A Christmas Carol every year and have recently rediscovered his other books on audio.
Judith Kerr because When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit is one of my favourite books
Lisa Jewell as I haven’t finished reading her back catalogue yet
Margaret James as I love her Charton Minster series

I nominate, but please don’t feel you have to join in if you don’t want to:

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My questions are:

Which season would you permanently like to live in, Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn/Fall?

If you were forbidden from blogging about books but you had to blog what would you blog about instead?

If you could only read one genre for the next 5 years what would choose?