Contact/Review Policy

*I do not read horror, fantasy, Sci-fi, YA, or, erotica, *

Like any bookworm my tbr is out of control because I can’t resist a good book, whether that be physical, ebook or audiobook. I enjoy fast paced stories that hook me quickly but I will dnf a book if it doesn’t draw me in. I’m definitely a mood reader as I tend to get bored of reading the same genre over and over again.

The genres I enjoy the most are historical fiction, mysteries, women’s fiction, court room drama and legal thrillers. I also enjoy nonfiction, particularly memoirs and biographies mostly on audio.

*I do not read horror, fantasy, Sci-fi, YA, erotica, dark crime or dark thrillers.*

I tend to only review books on my blog that I’ve enjoyed and want to recommend to my readers and followers. If your book doesn’t do that for me I won’t review it, please be aware of this when you contact me.

If you wish to contact me about anything else please use the form below