41YGRak1VLL._SX323_BO1,204,203,200_A brand new Tom Wilde WW2 thriller from the bestselling author of The Man in the Bunker.
Autumn 1945 – Off the east coast of England, a Japanese sub surfaces, unloads its mysterious cargo, then blows itself to pieces. Former spy Professor Tom Wilde is enjoying peacetime in Cambridge, settling back into teaching and family life. Until a call from senior MI5 boss Lord Templeman brings him out of retirement.A nearby village has been locked down by the military, its residents blighted by a deadly illness. No one is allowed in or out. There are rumours the Nazi machine is still operational, with links to Unit 731, a notorious Japanese biological warfare research laboratory. But how could they possibly be plotting on British soil – and why? What’s more, Wilde and Templeman’s names are discovered on a Gestapo kill list. And after a series of assassinations an unthinkable question emerges: could an Englishman be behind the plot?

My Review

I love this series featuring American Cambridge History Professor Tom Wilde, and always look forward to the latest book.

Set in England in 1946 something strange happens in a small village ending in quarantine for all the residents, including a close friend of Lydia, Tom’s wife. Tom tries to find out what’s going on, but gets locked up by the US military who are still in England following the end of the war.

Of course Tom ends up working for the security services again, even though he’s supposed to be back at his Cambridge college teaching History. MI5 want him to look into various suspicious situations and individuals, including fascist groups in Cambridge. Meanwhile Lydia goes down to London in the hope that she can begin her journey into becoming a doctor, and so they need to find a housekeeper/babysitter to keep an eye on Johnny their young son.

This was another fab book in this fantastic series, with more of a storyline for Lydia, which I’m always happy about. It was more action packed than the previous book and felt more like the earlier ones in the series, full of twists, turns and lots of untrustworthy characters. As always with this series I learnt quite a bit about what happened to various people of interest to the Allies after WW2. I was horrified at what I found out and wish I hadn’t looked for further information. 😱

Highly recommended if you enjoy spy thrillers set in post war Britain.

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