2926_Dogs_Bundle_thumbSynopsis: “Arranged in chapters covering physical characteristics, senses, life cycle, communication, and behaviour, Dogs is a hugely informative visual celebration.  The first species to be domesticated, dogs have been selectively bred over thousands of years. Today they’re man’s best friend—but while many are pets, many, too, are working animals: as K-9s for the police, guide dogs for the blind, guard dogs, sheepdogs, sled dogs, and therapy animals. From huskies to German shepherds, from collies to Chihuahuas, Shih Tzus to Jack Russell terriers, Labradors to bull mastiffs to dachshunds, the book includes a huge range of breeds. With fascinating captions on every page, even dog lovers will learn something new. Dogs is a brilliant examination in outstanding color photographs.

My Review

This was another fantastic nonfiction book from Amber Books, full of gorgeous photos of all sorts of dogs. As always there were amazing photos, with clear short text, stopping it from being too heavy on detail and boring. The book is split up into seven chapters including an Introduction, Wild Dogs: The First Breeds, Hunting Dogs, Working Dogs, Companion Dogs, Puppies, and Dog Behaviour.

There was always a dog in my family when I was growing up, usually a rescue from the local animal shelter, so this was a brilliant book to learn about all the different breeds from around the world.

Did you know that the Old English Sheepdog aka the Dulux dog, is now listed as endangered as it’s no longer popular? Also that Greyhounds can run at 70kph (45 mph), which is twice as fast as humans? 😲 and that boxer dogs were developed to catch wild boar?! Another fact I found particularly interesting was that German Shepherds were renamed Alsatians in the UK during WWI, to distance itself from Germany during the conflict. I remember calling them Alsatians when I was child and I’m not that old,  😂 so I wonder when they changed the name back again?

My favourite chapter was the working dogs which was fascinating. I knew about guide dogs, therapy dogs, police dogs, farm dogs and rescue dogs, but I hadn’t really thought about dogs being used to rescue swimmers before. There’s a fantastic photo of an Italian Water Rescue dog being dropped in water from a low flying helicopter so it can help pull the troubled swimmers to the shore. Isn’t that amazing!

The puppy chapter was gorgeous, full of photos of cute puppies, being well cute puppies! 😂

If I had to pick one dog from this book it would be a Dachshund they’re so cute and there’s a few photos of them, especially a very cute one of a group of puppies.

Highly recommended if you love dogs, but just like the Cats book, probably not a good idea if you’re thinking of getting one as you’ll probably want them all! 😂

Thanks so much to Amber Books and NetGalley for my digital copy.