Synopsis: “Why do cats purr? How much can you learn about a cat’s mood from the direction it flicks its tail? How do cats show trust with their eyes? Why do cats rub against their owners’ legs? Arranged in chapters covering physical characteristics, senses, lifecycle and behaviour, Cats features a huge range of breeds from all around the world. From Siamese to Russian Blue, Manx to American Bobtail, Burmese to Bombay, the book expertly explores and celebrates this most beloved pet. With fascinating captions on every page, even cat lovers will learn something new. Cats is a brilliant examination in 150 outstanding colour photographs”

My Review

This was another fantastic nonfiction book from Amber Books, full of gorgeous photos of all sorts of cat breeds.

As always there were amazing photos, with clear short text, stopping it from being too heavy on detail and boring. The book is split up into four chapters including an Introduction, Wild Cats, Short Haired Breeds, Long Haired Breeds, Behaviour and Kittens.

I haven’t owned a cat since I was a child, and it was only a moggy, so this was a brilliant book to learn about all the different breeds from around the world. There were lots of gorgeous looking cats, and a few I really didn’t like the look of, especially the ones that look like they only have skin and no fur. Did you know there’s such a thing as a werewolf cat? Or a breed of white cat called the Khao Manee that has odd coloured eyes and was originally bred by the Thai Royal family? I think they should rename it the David Bowie cat on account of the different colour eyes! 😂

My favourite chapter was the short haired breeds, where I found my fantasy cat, a gorgeous British Blue. It was grey and so chubby and cuddly looking with stunning orange eyes! If I could have a cat where I live, that’s the one I would choose, although I suspect my husband and son would want a different breed. 😂

Highly recommended if you love cats, but probably not a good idea if you’re thinking of getting one as you’ll probably want them all! 😂

Thanks so much to Amber Books and NetGalley for my digital copy.