59420240._SX318_Synopsis: “Only she knows the truth. Only she can save them.
Emily Moon lives with her mother in an inn on a clifftop in the darkest reaches of Cornwall. After her father mysteriously disappears, her mother finds solace at the bottom of a bottle, and the only way to keep afloat is to turn a blind eye to the smugglers who send signals from the clifftops. But Emily knows that the smugglers killed her father to ensure his silence, and she will not let his murder go unpunished….
Present day
After a case ends in tragedy, Police Officer Phoebe Bellingham flees to Cornwall for a summer of respite. But rather than the sunny Cornwall of her dreams, she finds herself on storm-beaten cliffs, surrounded by stories of ghosts and smugglers – and the mysterious Emily Moon, who vanished without a trace more than two centuries ago. As rain lashes down around her, Phoebe determines to find the truth behind the rumours – but what she uncovers will put herself in danger, too….

My Review

Well this was a fab find on Scribd!

Even though I’ve got loads of books to read and listen to, I’m always scrolling through various bookish apps to see what might catch my mood reading eye and this definitely caught it. A story set inย  Cornwall, about smuggling with a dual timeline definitely ticked my bookish boxes.

I loved both storylines for this book, something that doesn’t all agree with me, as I normally tend to enjoy the historical plot more, but the present day mystery was just as good.

I loved both Emily Moon and Phoebe, and felt for both of them as they got dragged into dubious events surrounding the pub. I was as fascinated as Phoebe in Emily’s disappearance and couldn’t wait to discover what had happened to her.

I worked out the mysteries both Emily and Phoebe were involved in, but didn’t mind at all as I really enjoyed their journeys and how the plot and their characters developed throughout the book.

Both Emma Powell and Gloria Sanders were brilliant narrators and I wouldn’t hesitate to listen to other books read by them.

I definitely recommend this on audio if you enjoy dual timeline stories set in Cornwall.

Book 14/20