51yL4EB8YXL._SL500_Synopsis: “Kat brings Harry across the Atlantic to New York for a planned whirlwind time in her home town – complete with a lavish suite at the Plaza. But when Teddy Crowther – grandson of a wealthy City magnate – is snatched by the mob, the pair is asked to help. As Prohibition New York swelters in a heatwave, the Mortimer’s soon find themselves playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse, not just with the kidnappers, but also the rest of the Crowther family, all of whom have everything to gain – and maybe lose – if Teddy is found …

My Review

I love this series and was so glad when this latest audiobook popped up on Scribd recently.

This is book ten and the series is still going strong. This story is set in New York, where Kat was born and grew up, and she was supposed to be showing Harry around her hometown whilst they were there on holiday. If you’re familiar with the series you’ll know that there’s no way that that was going to happen, because they always get caught up in something and this time it was a kidnapping case.

This was the first time Harry and Kat were involved in such a case and you could tell they weren’t too sure how to tackle it. Fortunately help was at hand in the guise of friends, family and a former mentor of Kat’s to guide them a long the way. Β 

Just like in an Agatha Christie mystery everyone seemed suspicious and looked like they could be involved in Teddy’s disappearance. Harry and Kat had to work quickly to discover what was going on so that they could hopefully rescue Teddy in time, although they didn’t quite expect such a big show down, and neither did I!

I loved the descriptions of New York in the sweltering heat, and I loved the way Harry marvelled at all the sights and sounds of the city, it really made me feel like I was there with them.

As always Nathaniel Parker’s narration was perfect.Β  I loved all the different New York accents he did for all the different characters, he really did bring this story to life in a brilliant way!

I highly recommend this on audio if you enjoy cosy mysteries set in the 1920s.

Book 10/20