51CHFoHgoEL._SL500_Synopsis: “In this follow-up to Nesbit’s classic Five Children and It, Cyril, Robert, Anthea, Jane, and the Lamb have more magical adventures in store when a mysterious egg hatches in the nursery fireplace. Out comes a flame-colored bird, the Phoenix, who, though a bit conceited, proves very helpful indeed. The bird kindly explains that the second-hand Persian carpet recently acquired for the nursery is actually a flying one. On it, they may travel to any place and time that they wish. But once again, the children find that magic does not always go as planned. They find hidden treasure in France, and with it restore the fortunes of a little boy. Meanwhile, their own house is invaded by a thousand Persian cats, a cow, and a burglar, who eventually marries the cook on an island in the South Seas. Full of wit and wonders, The Phoenix and the Carpet is a magical ride for children of all ages.”

My Review

I loved this audiobook. In fact I loved it so much that I ended up buying it, even though it was included in the audible plus catalogue. It’s a lovely book full of fun, adventures, and magic. It was the perfect escape from real life.

There were so many funny moments throughout as the children went on adventures with both the carpet and the phoenix. Their parents were hardly around most of the time. Their father was at work, and their mother seemed to go off visiting relatives or getting away for health reasons, and just leaving the children with the servants. I know this book is over a hundred years old, but it was so odd!! The children weren’t bothered about being left by themselves, in fact they loved the adventures, because they were really bored stuck at home in Camden, in London.

I loved the BBC series when I was a child, but had never read the book, probably because it was considered a classic, and I didn’t read classics except for O’levels and the less said about that the better! I’ve just discovered a clip of the series from 1976 on YouTube and although it looks pretty ropey, it captures the book very well.

Johanna Ward’s narration was perfect, she brought all the characters to life brilliantly. I particularly liked her portrayal of the Phoenix, who although pompous at times was also good fun.

If you enjoy children’s books I highly recommend this lovely story, especially on audio.

Book 2/20