the-island-home-4Synopsis “Lorna’s world is small but safe. She loves her daughter, and the two of them is all that matters. But after nearly twenty years, she and Ella are suddenly leaving London for the Isle of Kip, the tiny remote Scottish island where Lorna grew up.
Alice’s world is tiny but full. She loves the community on Kip, her yoga classes drawing women across the tiny island together. Now Lorna’s arrival might help their family finally mend itself – even if forgiveness means returning to the past…
So with two decades, hundreds of miles and a lifetime’s worth of secrets between Lorna and the island, can coming home mean starting again?


My Review

Libby Page is one of my favourite authors and I actually pre-ordered this book a year ago, but being a mood reader I’ve only just read it. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

It’s a lovely book with a gentle pace, told from Lorna and Alice’s points of view. This worked really well for me as I discovered what island life was like through Lorna’s memories and from Alice’s present day observations. I enjoyed the slow reveal of the reasons why she had left and why she found it so hard to go back.

I felt for Lorna as she returned to the island after an absence of 22 years. How daunting must that have been? And coming from and an island community myself I know what rumours and gossip can be like! Even though Jersey is a lot bigger that Kip, there are still moments when I have to check that the person I’m talking about is not in earshot when out and about with friends!

Once again Libby Page has created a wonderful community that I could see in my mind’s eye as I was reading. I particularly loved the close friendships between Alice and her female friends, something that she does so well in all her books.

Definitely recommended if you enjoy gentle contemporary novels featuring small communities andย  female friendships.


About The Author


Libby Page is the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Lido, The 24-Hour Cafรฉ, the Island Home and The Vintage Shop of Second Chances to be published in 2023.

Before writing The Lido Libby worked as a campaigner for fairer internships, a journalist at the Guardian and a Brand Executive at a retailer and then a charity.

You can follow her on Twitter on Instagram and on her website