From Goodreads: Welcome to Berecombe-by-the-Sea for a year of very special celebrations…
This year sees the seventy-fifth anniversary of D-Day. We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to those brave boys who went to fight on French beaches for our freedom.
And now Berecombe is playing host to our American allies once more. All surviving soldiers who were billeted in the town have been invited for street parties, a D-Day parade, a black-tie ball at The Henville, and much, much more.
So, come along, get dressed up and join in the fun!
A second chance…or a new romance?
With summer having arrived in Berecombe with sunshiny gusto, and the D-Day anniversary celebrations on the horizon, there’s much to keep Ashley Lydden busy as she settles further into her new life by the seaside. So why can’t she stop thinking about Eddie McQueen?
They came so close to having it all, but now Ashley isn’t sure where they stand. With flirty Cornish painter Jake Tremayne taking a shine to Ashley and asking her to sit for a portrait, things get even more complicated. It’s shaping up to be a summer of love…but which man will claim Ashley’s heart?

My Review

I pre-ordered this book, along with the third part as soon as I finished part 1 last month. I loved being back in Berecombe-by-the-Sea with Ashley, Eddie and the rest of the residents, it felt like coming home. I started reading straight away but I had to ration myself because I didn’t want my time there to end. I got caught up with all the goings on and could see it all happening in my head, in fact I felt like I was there in the background as the story unfolded.

As well as Eddie still being the romantic interest ,a new guy called Jake is part of Ashley’s story. He’s a young portrait artist holding an exhibition that’s hopefully going to propel his career in a massive way and he’s very easy on the eye. He’s also a massive flirt and is very keen on Ashley, spending lots of time with her painting her portrait.

Oh yes and Ruby’s back with more memories of her short time in Berecombe during WW2. I loved hearing her story it was fascinating but sad too.

Once again the course of romance between Ashley and Eddie is not plain sailing. There was more awkward encounters, complete misunderstandings, conversations left unsaid, but also hope that everything will be sorted out in part 3. I cannot wait for my pre-order to arrive in a month’s time!

Highly recommended if you’re looking for a fab romance!