51El+r3IveL._SL500_Book synopsis: Francis Saxover and Diana Brackley, two scientists investigating a rare lichen, discover it has a remarkable property: it retards the ageing process. Francis, realising the implications for the world of an ever-youthful, wealthy elite, wants to keep it secret, but Diana sees an opportunity to overturn the male status quo by using the lichen to inspire a feminist revolution. As each scientist wrestles with the implications and practicalities of exploiting the discovery, the world comes ever closer to learning the truth….Trouble with Lichen is a scintillating story of the power wielded by science in our lives and asks, how much trust should we place in those we appoint to be its guardians?

My Review

Well this audiobook was a very pleasant surprise! I’ve listened to a few audiobooks by John Wyndham, and to be honest I haven’t always enjoyed my experience. Partly because the books are rather dated now, particularly with the way women are portrayed as either weak and simpering or right old battle axes! This book however was completely different. In fact it almost felt like it was written by someone else.Β 

This story didn’t feel like sci-fi to me at all, probably because the idea of scientists looking for a solution to ageing has always been around. In fact did you know that Jeff Bezos and his billionaire cronies are are working on it right now!?

None of the characters felt dated either, maybe because Diana was ahead of her time not wanting to just get married and have a family, as was expected when the book was first published in 1957. She was a fantastic character who had a perfect plan worked out, which I loved discovering as the story unfolded. There were a few surprises and twists and turns that I thoroughly enjoyed, although the ending was a bit disappointing. It certainly hasn’t put me off Wyndham’s other books though, especially as they’re available in the audible plus catalogue at the moment.

I absolutely loved Vanessa Kirby’s performance! Her voice talents were brilliant, she was fantastic at all the different characters. I particularly enjoyed her portrayal of Diana, and also of different minor characters especially the journalists and reporters! I’ll definitely be looking out for anything else narrated by her in the future.

I definitely recommend this one if you enjoy plausible sci-fi books on audio.