51vRW-+F64S._SL500_From Goodreads:”Sliding Doors meets Life After Life in this story about a wife and mother who is given the chance to start over at the risk of losing everything she loves. A second chance is the last thing she wants.
When thirty-nine year old Maria Forrsman wakes up in her sixteen-year-old body, she doesn’t know how she got there. All she does know is she has to get back: to her home in Bienville, Mississippi, to her job as a successful psychiatrist and, most importantly, to her husband, daughters, and unborn son.
But she also knows that, in only a few weeks, a devastating tragedy will strike her husband, a tragedy that will lead to their meeting each other.
Can she change time and still keep what it’s given her?
Exploring the responsibilities love lays on us, the complicated burdens of motherhood, and the rippling impact of our choices, She Wouldn’t Change a Thing is a dazzling debut from a bright new voice.


My Review

This audiobook was sooo good!

I love time travel/timeslip stories and have read and listened to a few over the years. I just happened to spot a review for this on Goodreads the other day, and knew I wanted to check if out. Fortunately I found the audiobook on Scribd, and I became hooked really quickly.

It was a dual timeline story that followed Maria in 2010 and 1988, and also Jenny in 2010. 

I liked Maria straight away, and wondered how this thirty-nine year-old psychiatrist was going to find herself back in her 16 year old body, and why? As you can imagine she did not want to be there and was desperate to get back home to her husband and family. I wasn’t too sure about Jenny as she seemed like a totally random character who came out of nowhere, but her appearance gradually made sense as the story unfolded.

I loved how the time travel was explained, it wasn’t too complicated and I loved that there were references to historical figures in the explanation.

I really enjoyed Cassandra Campbell’s narration especially her portrayal of Maria. I’d definitely listen to more books by her.

Highly recommended if you enjoy time travel/timeslip stories on audio.