cover210412-mediumFrom Goodreads: When the police are called to the report of a late-night shooting, they expect it to be drugs or gang-related. They don’t expect to find a young student executed on his way home. Jordan Radley was an aspiring journalist: hard working, well-liked, dedicated. His first major story – looking at the fallout following the closure of a major local factory – had run recently and looked to be the first step in his longed-for career. Even after the story ran, Jordan continued to stay in contact with those he interviewed: he was on his way back from their social club the night he was murdered.
But as the detectives quickly discover, not only was Jordan killed, but those responsible also broke into his house, taking his laptop and notes. What was he researching that might have led to his death? And can this really be linked to another case – long ruled an accident – in the same area?
Or are the police being forced to prioritise those with the best connections rather than the ones that most need their help?

My Review

This is the sixth book in the DI Zigic and DS Ferreira series, my favourite police procedural series. As always it was great to catch up with my two favourite detectives again, I get very excited when I know there a new book coming out!.

This story is set around Jordan Radley, a young student who was gunned down on his way home. He was a well liked guy and the police are stumped as to who wanted him dead and why. However as they look deeper into Jordan’s life and the people he hung around with they discover some very unsavoury people and secrets.

As I’ve mentioned before one of things I love about this series is that the police are portrayed well for a change, not corrupted and nasty. They have there moments of course, they’re human and want to get the villains behind bars, but Zigic wants to do it properly, always having to rein Ferreira in when she gets the bit between her teeth and won’t let go. Especially so in this book as Ferreira gets really angry about another aspect of this investigation and I could totally understand why.

As with all books by Eva Dolan there’s always a social commentary going on and this time it it really hit the mark, but I’m not saying any more about that plot strand as it will ruin the story but it’s a good one.

As to the investigation and finding the killer? Well, I got some of it right at about the same time as the detectives, but to be honest with you this series is about the characters rather than the crime, and I can’t wait to see what happens to Zigic and Ferreira next!

This is still my favourite police procedural series and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone to likes this genre.

Thanks so much to NetGalley, Bloomsbury and Raven Books for my digital ARC.

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