AnotherSilly CoverFrom Goodreads: Two rival radio personalities. Lori Martin is a positive and upbeat DJ, known for playing love songs and dedications. Ben Baxter dishes out no-nonsense, in-your-face relationship advice. Total opposites. Never in a million years would they want to work together.
Fired for losing her cool after her boyfriend breaks up with her on the air, Lori surprisingly receives a job offer for the coveted morning show at the radio station across town where Ben works. She thinks she’s replacing him, but finds out they want to team up Lori with her arch-enemy to set the air waves on fire and boost ratings. Financially strapped, she can’t turn down the job.
While their on-air fireworks and explosive chemistry make for great listening, what in the world will happen after work hours?

My Review

This was great fun and exactly what I needed as my reading has slowed down and my concentration is all over the place again.

I do enjoy contemporary fiction and I love a bit of romantic fiction too, but I must confess that I’m not keen on animated book covers. If I hadn’t read rave reviews for this book recently there is no way I would’ve requested this for review purposes. I know I’m a cover snob but I can’t help it! 😂

Anyway as I mentioned above this was the right book at the right time for me and was actually a fab listen. It was very predictable, but that was okay as there were a few surprises in there and some very funny moments that made me smile and guffaw!

The narration by Stephanie Rose and Tim Paige was perfect. They brought Lori and Ben (aka Doctor Tough Love, what a name!) to life wonderfully.

I highly recommend this on audio if you’re looking for something lighter and fun to listen to.

Thanks so much to Hope Roy at Tantor Audio for my digital copy.

This is my second book for the 2021  Audiobook Challenge