cover195541-mediumGoodreads synopsis: “Followed by millions. Hunted by one.
I need to be liked. It’s my job
My personal brand is built on honesty.
Family, friendship, cheering other mothers on when things get tough.
Doing it together – telling it like it really is – that’s what @the_Mamabare is all about.
I just want a quiet life
Her adoring followers feel like they understand my wife.
My wife certainly understands them.
I know she is beautiful, smart, ambitious, charming.
But she’s also a liar.
I want revenge
The filter’s about to drop.
I’ve been watching you and your family very closely.
You’ve ruined my life.
Now I’m going to ruin yours.

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My Review

This was really good contemporary thriller set around the world of Instagram influencers and one particular #instamum. It all felt very plausible and made me think twice about some of those big name accounts that I follow on social media.

At the beginning of the book I liked Emmy and her husband Dan and enjoyed following them as they lived their lives through Instagram filters. I was quite fascinated how it all worked for them behind the scenes, how fake it all was but also how much work Emmy was putting into it. 

As the plot moved on and I learnt more about Emmy and her family I started to dislike her. I still liked Dan and the children though, they felt more normal.

Without giving any of the plot away it all ramps up and things start taking a turn for the worse for this #instamum and her family. I was convinced I knew who ‘the follower’ was but it was more involved than I realised and there were some good twists in there too.

I definitely recommend this one if you enjoy contemporary thrillers, especially ones set around social media.

Thanks so much to NetGalley and Mantle Books for my digital copy.