I really enjoy this challenge so I’m joining in again 🙂 Here’s what Sam says about it:

“It’s back again! I’ll be running the When Are You Reading? Challenge yet again in 2021. I think the set up worked well last year so I’m going to run with it again.

The premise of the challenge is to read one book from each of twelve time periods. It’s up to the reader where a book lies. You can do it based on publication date or setting, whatever you want. Feel free to switch it up, too.

The challenge page will be set up today. If you’d like to participate, leave me a comment somewhere on the blog letting me know and giving me a link to your challenge page or post. I’ll add a link to my challenge page so other readers can visit you and see what you’ve been reading. 

The time periods are:

  • Pre 1300

  • 1300-1499

  • 1500-1699

  • 1700-1799

  • 1800-1899

  • 1900-1919

  • 1920-1939

  • 1940-1959

  • 1960-1979

  • 1980-1999

  • 2000-Present

  • The Future

I do hope you’ll consider joining me. I’ve had a lot of fun with this challenge over the past several years and I’m looking forward to doing it again.

Until next time, write on.”