cover209421-mediumFrom Goodreads: “Lost meets The Hunger Games in the thrilling new young adult novel from C.L. Taylor, the Sunday Times and million-copy bestselling author.
Welcome to The Island.
Where your worst fears are about to come true…
It was supposed to be the perfect holiday: a week-long trip for six teenage friends on a remote tropical island.
But when their guide dies of a stroke leaving them stranded, the trip of a lifetime quickly turns into a nightmare.
Because someone on the island knows each of the group’s worst fears. And one by one, they’re coming true.
Seven days in paradise. A deadly secret.
Who will make it off the island alive?

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My Review

I loved Sleep and Strangers, C.L. Taylor’s most recent books, and couldn’t resist requesting The Island when I saw it was available as an audiobook on NetGalley.

This was a fab audiobook about six teenagers spending a week on a remote island without their phones or any other electronic devices. They’ve known each other all their lives, their parents becoming friends after meeting in a NCT baby group. and then having summer holidays together ever since. They all get along well together, although they obviously have their niggles about each other.

As with most thrillers about a group of friends stuck together, I was expecting there to be lots of unlikeable characters, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I liked all the teens, especially Jessie who was one of the narrators of the story. I really didn’t have a clue what was going on with the story, until just before the big reveal, so it was really nice to have my suspicions confirmed at the end.

I thought this was a great thriller, which had the right amount of tension and twists which didn’t getting silly, as some thrillers can do. In fact it all felt very plausible and as a mother of an older teenager, rather scary! 😱  

The narration by Olivia Dowd, Sam Newton, and Sarah Ovens was very good. I particularly enjoyed Olivia Dowd’s voice talents and will definitely be looking out for more audiobooks narrated by her.

I definitely recommend this if you enjoy YA thrillers on audiobook.

Thanks so to NetGalley and HQ Young Adult for my digital copy via the NetGalley App.