cover203460-mediumFrom NetGalley: THE NEW THRILLER FROM THE MASTER OF PSYCHOLOGICAL SUSPENSE Performed by Gemma Whelan.

She’s a murderer. Everyone knows she killed Stuart Rees – why else would his dead body be found in her shed? So now Tabitha is in prison, awaiting trial. Coming back to the remote coastal village where she grew up was a mistake. She didn’t fit in then, and she doesn’t fit in now.That day is such a blur, she can’t remember clearly what happened. There is something she is missing, something important… She only knows one thing. She is not capable of murder. And the only one she can trust to help her out of this situation is herself. So she must fight. Against the odds.

My Review

I loved this audiobook! The story hooked me right from the beginning and kept me gripped right until the end.

I liked Tabitha, she’s a bit of an oddball in her village, and in prison, especially when she sacks her lawyer and decides to defend herself. Just like her lawyer I wondered how on earth she was going to manage whilst in prison, and with absolutely no legal experience? How was she going to access the prosecution’s evidence and witnesses, and who could she ask to be a character witness when it seemed everyone thought she was a murderer? 

As well as working out her defence she’s also had to adjust to being a prisoner, learning the dos and don’t s from the officers and the other inmates.

I loved the courtroom scenes when Tabitha presents her defence. I learnt a lot about how the court worked, especially when Tabitha got things very wrong, on numerous occasions. 

There were lots of brilliant twists and turns in this story and so many suspects too! It seemed that everyone in Tabitha’s village had a reason to  murder Stuart Rees. I was constantly looking at everyone’s motives when Tabitha had visitors from the village, instantly taking a dislike to certain people and being very wary of others.

Gemma Whelan is a new to me narrator and she has gone straight onto my favourite narrator’s list. Her performance was absolutely brilliant! I especially loved her portrayal of Tabitha, her cell mate Michaela and the Judge.

I thoroughly recommend this one on audio, especially if you enjoy crime, thrillers, murder mysteries or courtroom dramas.

Thanks so much to NetGalley and W F Howse for my digital copy via the NetGalley app.