Good morning I’m thrilled to be sharing my review on this audio blog tour for 9 Secrets to Thriving by Emma J. Bell. Thanks so much to Amber at Midas PR for the invite, and for a digital copy of the audiobook via SoundCloud. Before I share my review, here’s what the book is all about:

9 Secrets To Thriving“In this Audible Original audiobook, Emma J. Bell tackles the ultimate question: why go through life merely surviving, when you could be thriving? Drawing on the insights of 50 inspiring people who have suffered a wide range of trauma but are thriving nonetheless, Emma J. Bell has extracted nine enlightening secrets from their experiences. You’ll listen as they talk about how they found renewed purpose in life; how they learned to forgive rather than hold on to resentment and how they developed practices to create calm and live authentically. Whether you want to apply their life changing lessons to your relationships, your work or the way you deal with setbacks or challenging past experiences, each story offers something different and inspiring for you to draw on. These nine secrets and the easy to apply practices that accompany them, will help you live your life to the fullest. If you no longer want to settle for just going through the motions and living on autopilot and if you are determined to thrive instead this is the audiobook for you!”

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My Review

Wow what an inspiring, hands-on audiobook!

The whole subject of thriving or being resilient is fascinating, particularly for someone like me who seems to stumble at the slightest hiccup. I was really interested in this audiobook when I saw the blog tour email invitation. I wanted to understand why some people thrive in impossible circumstances and wondered if I’d be able to learn to do the same?

With each ‘secret’ there were examples from different ‘thrivers’ from around the world sharing how they’d kept going through drastic circumstances. I was astounded that they not only kept going, but grew in spite of the situations they’d found themselves in. With each story I thought about how I’d respond if I’d been in their shoes, and I honestly don’t think I’d have coped at all.

Emma J. Bell reads this book herself. Her warm, encouraging voice made me feel that the practical applications she shared weren’t out of my reach. In fact I’ve already seen a few of them making a positive different in my thinking. 

I thoroughly recommend this audiobook if you enjoy inspirational, life changing books!


About The Author

Emma J Bell headshotEmma was a top ranked Employment Lawyer who spent almost 20 years litigating over broken relationships at work. Emma has been designing and delivering Leadership Development Programmes for the last 15 years, as well as being an Executive Coach working with Leaders seeking to fulfil their personal potential and to motivate and engage team members. Emma is also a facilitator who works with public and private sector Boards and Partnerships whose relationships have broken down at the senior level.
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