52578285._SX318_From Goodreads: “Sussex, England, 1929. Mydworth is a sleepy English market town just 50 miles from London. But things are about to liven up there, when young and handsome Sir Harry Mortimer returns home from his diplomatic posting in Cairo, with his beautiful and unconventional American wife, Kat. No sooner have the two arrived, when a jewel robbery occurs at Harry’s aunt’s home – Mydworth Manor. The police are baffled and overwhelmed with the case. But Harry and Kat have an edge in the hunt for the dangerous culprit: not only do they have certain useful “skills” they’ve both picked up in service of King, President and Country, they also have access to parts of English society that your average bobby can’t reach …”

My Review

I do love a cosy mystery! If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I particularly like them set in England in the early part of the 20th Century. In fact one of my favourites is the Amory Ames series by Ashley Weaver, and this series is very similar! 

I really enjoyed my first outing with Sir Harry and his American wife Kat. Harry is the perfect English gentleman, and Kat is very American, in that she have very modern way of thinking and interacting with strangers. None of that class nonsense with Kat, thank goodness!

I loved Kat’s driving adventure in the Alvis, even though Harry wasn’t keen on her going by herself. There were some very amusing moments, particularly went she was driving through a very narrow tunnel and then getting lost.

Although the crime wasn’t difficult to solve, it was fun to follow Harry and Kat as they unravelled the whole mystery, especially some of the final scenes involving Kat and the getaway car.

Nathaniel Parker’s narrator was superb, I loved his portrayal of Harry, Kat and Lady Lavinia. In fact his voices for the women were pretty amazing!

I enjoyed this one so much that I bought the other three in the audible sale for Β£1.10 each, a real bargain.

Definitely recommended if you enjoy cosy mysteries! Thanks to Kelly @ FromBelgiumWithBookLove for highlighting this series on Twitter the other day. πŸ˜€