Screenshot_2020-02-02 Nicki Mags πŸ‡―πŸ‡ͺ ( nicki_mags) β€’ Instagram photos and videosAudible synopsis: The sensational true story behind the major TV drama series The Trial of Christine Keeler, performed by Sophie Cookson.

In her own words, the life of the beautiful young model and dancer who helped to bring down the Tory government of Harold Macmillan – the ‘Profumo Affair’ remains the greatest political sex scandal in recent British history.
Having found fame and success as a model, Christine’s short affair with the minister for war, John Profumo, led to his downfall at the end of Harold Macmillan’s Conservative government and was at the heart of the social and political earthquake that followed. She became the subject of scandal, intrigue and gossip and was tried for perjury and briefly jailed following the death of Stephen Ward, the socialite who had introduced her to Profumo.

Following Christine Keeler’s death in December 2017, her book has been updated to include revelations that she did not wish to be published in her lifetime. The result is an audiobook containing material that has never been officially released, which really does lift the lid on just how far the Establishment will go to protect its own.

My Review

As you know I really love audiobooks, so back in January, I was excited to join in with a listenalong on Instagram, via the Tandem Collective and Bonnier Books. Unfortunately I struggled with this one, not the narration by Sophie Cookson, no, that was perfect, especially her portrayal of creepy Stephen Ward.Β Β 

It’s Christine Keeler’s story that truly frustrated me. At first I felt incredibly sorry for her as she described her difficult childhood, her escape to London and subsequent grooming by Osteopath Stephen Ward and then her involvement in the Profumo Affair.

However, as the years went by and her life disintegrated through bad influences and terrible decisions, again and again, I lost all sympathy, making it a really frustrating listening experience. I got very confused by all the different people who came in and out of her life and was fed up hearing about their sex lives and sexual appetites.

I did enjoy her reflections about the Profumo Affair and the subsequent research she’d done over the years, that was really interesting, but I wish it had been put at the end of the book rather than being scattered throughout her story.

If you enjoy audiobooks full of sex, scandal and government cover ups, then definitely give it a go. If you’re not sure, maybe see if you can get a copy from the library, although you may find you want to throw it across the room at times!

If you want to know more, but don’t want to read it, just type Christine Keeler into Google or YouTube and you’ll find loads of links that’ll take you down a rabbit hole! πŸ˜‰