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Hello and welcome to my stop on the audio blog tour for ‘The  Seventh Victim’ by Michael Wood. Thanks to Phoebe Swinburn for the invite and for access to the audiobook via the Soundcloud app. Before I share my review, here’s what the book is all about:

51p3UoxCOfL._SL500_Imagine receiving a letter from your son’s murderer. Imagine starting to trust him. What if the only person who can help you find your son is the man in prison for killing him? A child taken. A mother on the hunt for the truth.

Twenty-five years after her son Zachery disappeared without trace, Diane Marshall receives a letter that overturns her world once again. The man convicted of killing 13 boys, Zachery among them, finally confesses to it all – except the murder of her son. Armed with this new information and determined to discover the location of his body, Diane and the former DI in charge of the case start investigating. Somewhere out there, her son’s killer is waiting as the reckoning draws nearer. Sooner or later, the terrible truth – buried and undisturbed for a quarter of a century – will out.

Available from 5th April –  Audible UK


My Review

Wow this was a such good audiobook! It was very different to my usual listens, but one that I’m very pleased to have had the chance to listen to.

This book definitely took me out of my comfort zone. I definitely couldn’t have listened to this when my son was the same age as the abducted boys. I would’ve been out of mind with worry and probably wouldn’t have let him leave the house without me! That’s how realistic it came across to me.

All the characters were like real people, particularly Diane Marshall, former DI Caroline Turner, Alex Frost Jonathan’s biographer and Hannah Diane’s mother. I got so involved in this audiobook and the main characters’ personal stories, that at times I almost felt like I was watching a TV series.

I had my suspicions about what had happened to Zachary, but as I’m not always great at  guessing ‘who dunnit’, I put it to the back of mind and enjoyed the twists and turns in this compelling story.

I absolutely loved Joanne Froggatt’s narration, she portrayed the different characters with such a fantastic range of distinct voices, it was incredible! Matthew Horne only voiced the serial killer, and I’m glad as he made my fresh creep! This is definitely one of the best narrated audiobooks I’ve ever listened to and I listen to a lot.

I wholeheartedly recommend this audio to crime lovers, especially those of you who enjoy stories featuring serial killers.

About the Author


Born and bred in Sheffield, Michael worked as a freelance journalist for The Star covering crime and the courts. He is part of the CrimeSquad reviews team and is an established writer of crime fiction, including the DCI Matilda Darke series.

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