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From Goodreads: As the country bakes under the relentless summer sun, a young doctor is found brutally murdered at his home in a picturesque Cambridgeshire village.
Is his death connected to his private life – or his professional one?
Dr Joshua Ainsworth worked at an all-female detention centre, one still recovering from a major scandal a few years before. Was he the whistle-blower – or an instigator?
As Detective Sergeant Ferreira and Detective Inspector Zigic begin to painstakingly reconstruct Dr Ainsworth’s last days, they uncover yet more secrets and more suspects. But this isn’t the only case that’s demanding their attention – a violent criminal has been released on a technicality and the police force know he will strike again: the only question is who will be his first victim…

My Review

The fifth book in the DI Zigic and DS Ferreira series and it was great to pick up with my two favourite detectives again. This story is set around a murdered doctor who worked at a all-female detention centre. Josh Ainsworth comes across as spotless, but was he really?

At the same time as they’re looking into the murder, a highly dangerous criminal has just been released from prison looking to cause a whole lot of trouble for the police and anyone else he comes into contact with. Can Zigic and Ferreira stop him whilst working this case?

I don’t read many, if any police procedurals these days, I’m not sure why, but I always, always look out for a new book in this fantastic series. What I love about this series is that the police are portrayed well for a change, not corrupted and nasty. They have there moments of course, they’re human and want to get the villains behind bars, but Zigic wants to do it properly, sometimes having to rein Ferreira in when she gets the bit between her teeth and won’t let go.

I also enjoy the back stories I’ve learnt through each book, getting to know a bit more about them, understanding how the crimes the investigate sometimes make them reflect on their past lives. I learnt loads more about Ferreira this time which was great and helps to understand why she comes across as rather hard nosed at times. Zigic also thinks about his past, when the storyline about his family, particularly his two young sons is mentioned throughout.

Getting back to the investigation I definitely felt like ‘a fly on the wall’ as they tried to work out who the killer was and of course the motive. I was completely wrong as usual, even thinking that they’d got wrong totally the wrong person when I was at 83%! Duh!!!

This is my favourite police procedural series and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone to likes this genre, especially as it doesn’t have as much love on Goodreads as it should!

Thanks so much to NetGalley, Bloomsbury and Raven Books for my digital ARC.

Between Two Evils is available now from

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  1. Wonderful review Nicki. I do enjoy a good police procedural, so maybe I will take the plunge on this one. You are not a good influence on me at all.

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