M3497_MurderPatience-238x238From Goodreads: “A brutal murder in Victorian London forces a famous writer to solve the mystery…
London, 1849
Charles Dickens
has set up Urania Cottage as a sanctuary for fallen women.
But he is shocked when the matron’s assistant – Patience Brooke – is found hanging outside the property, covered in blood.
Desperate to protect the reputation of the Home and to stop a scandal from spreading, Dickens takes the investigation into his own hands.
With the help of his good friend, Superintendent Sam Jones of Bow Street, and a description of the suspect as ‘a man with a crooked face’, Dickens’s search takes him deep into the filthy slums of Victorian London.
Can Dickens save his reputation? Will he find out the secrets of Patience Brooke’s troubled past?
Or will the killer strike again …?


This was a fantastic audiobook, and the first in a new favourite series! I loved Charles Dickens investigating murder on the streets of London with his friend Superintendent Jones. I loved the way the Superintendent asked Dickens opinion about different people they questioned as Dickens ‘saw things’ that he didn’t.

The descriptions of Victorian London are so vivid that at times, that felt like I was listening to a Dickens novel! Also the characters were so well drawn that I felt the same way about them.

The murder that they were investigating was grisly, made harder at times because of the London fog that crept in, stopping them from tailing suspects and finding murder weapons. Everything was done by foot or horse-drawn cabs, and of course this was before the telephone had been invented, so no quick calls to fetch more policeman to the scene of the crime.

J.C. Briggs obviously knows a lot about Charles Dickens, as she was constantly referring to his personal life and his published works.

Antony Ferguson was brilliant at portraying Dickens, Superintendent Jones and a whole host of characters throughout the story. He really did bring Victorian London to life with the different accents of the young and old, rich and poor, the good and bad characters that filled this story.

If you enjoyed historical crime fiction and Dickens, I highly recommend you start reading or listening to this series.

Thanks so much to Hope Roy at Tantor Media for my digital copy.