Screenshot_2019-09-15 The Girl Who Saved Christmas - W F Howes LtdFrom Goodreads:JOURNEY TO THE EDGE OF MAGIC
If magic has a beginning, can it also have an end?
When Amelia wants a wish to come true she knows just the man to ask – Father Christmas.
But the magic she wants to believe in is starting to fade, and Father Christmas has more than impossible wishes to worry about. Upset elves, reindeers dropping out of the sky, angry trolls and the chance that Christmas might be cancelled.
But Amelia isn’t just any ordinary girl. And – as Father Christmas is going to find out – if Christmas is going to be saved, he might not be able to do it alone . . .

My Review

This was wonderful and another favourite audiobook for me this year!

I loved this audiobook it was a great story, and definitely not just for children as Matt Haig definitely knows how to make adults laugh out loud. I so enjoyed being back in Elfhelm again, catching up with Father Christmas, the Truth Pixie and all the elves in the workshop, eating gingerbread and getting paid in chocolate money.

This story is also set in Victorian London, a horrible place full of child chimney sweeps, workhouses, but also Charles Dickens and Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

Amelia is a fantastic character, and so is Captain Soot her pet cat, what a great name for a cat! Although life becomes very tough for Amelia there are fun moments for her and Captain Soot, especially when Charles Dickens and Father Christmas turn up!

There were so many laugh out loud moments listening to this audiobook, Carey Mulligan was an incredible narrator. She portrayed the main characters so brilliantly, as well as brining life to the the minor characters too. I’m definitely adding her to my list of favourite narrators.

I definitely recommend this if you’ll looking for a fun listen or you enjoy children’s books.