cover171108-mediumFrom Goodreads: “Amory Ames is travelling to New York, excited to be a bridesmaid at her childhood friend Tabitha’s wedding, but with Prohibition in full swing, her husband Milo is less than enthused. When a member of the wedding party is found murdered on the front steps of the bride’s home, the happy plans take a darker twist.

Amory discovers that the dead man has links to the notorious – and notoriously handsome – gangster Leon De Lora. While the police seem to think that New York’s criminal underworld is at play, Amory feels they can’t ignore the wedding guests either. Milo and Amory are drawn into the glamorous, dangerous world of nightclubs and bootleggers. But as they draw closer to unravelling the web of lies the murdered man has left in his wake, the killer is weaving a web of his own.”

My Review

This was just fabulous, another wonderful book in the Amory Ames cosy mystery series. I loved the change of scenery and enjoyed following Amory and Milo around 1930s New York.

As mentioned in the synopsis above Amory is excited about being a bridesmaid for her friend Tabitha. They haven’t seen each other for a while, and Amory is a bit concerned that all is not quite right between Tabitha and her future husband. Amory desperately wants to have some time to get Tabitha to confide in her, but there is always something wedding related going on. Things come to a head though when a murder takes place on the front steps of Tabitha’s home!

Just when Amory thought this was going to be a murder free holiday, the inevitable happens, plunging her and Milo into another mystery, but in a very unfamiliar place. This time they’ll be no help from Inspector Jones, Amory’s contact at Scotland Yard, and the New York police don’t seem very approachable. So, as to be expected Amory does a little detecting of her own. Was the murder related to gangsters, or could it be someone closer to home?

I’m not going to say any more except that as usual Amory and Milo find themselves in some tight places, making this a super mystery, with a few hilarious moments and surprises along the way.

I love this series and highly recommend it, especially if you enjoy historical fiction and cosy mysteries.

Thanks so much to NetGalley and Allison and Busby for my digital copy.