I do love a book tag, so I was over the moonπŸŒ› to be tagged by Laashan @ Bookidote for this tag πŸ™‚ Do check out his incredible blog especially if you enjoy graphic novels as he writes some fantastic reviews!

Lets have a look at these deadly sins then! πŸ‘€



What is the most expensive book you own? Which is the least expensive?

I think it’s probably signed books that me and my husband bought for our son’s birthdays



What book or books have you shamelessly devoured many times?

Well I’ve been listening to the audiobook of A Christmas Carol read by Tom Baker every Christmas for a number of years now. I’ve also read and recently listened to all the Narnia books several times and can see that becoming an annual occasion as well.



What attributes do you find most attractive in your characters?

I like my characters to be real, a bit timid but when pushed hard enough able to overcome difficult situations. They also have to be kind and funny but not slapstick funny. Goodness this sounds like a personal ad doesn’t it!



What books would you most like to receive as a gift?

I’d love a copies of Julie Caplin’s Romantic Escape novels. I’ve got them all as Kindle books but only first one in paperback, and they’re so pretty 😍

Screenshot_2019-09-04 Julie Caplin



What book or books do you bring up when you want to sound like an intellectual reader?

I don’t do that, but if someone was really annoying me I might bring up Great Expectations by Charles Dickens or possibly The Third Man by Graham Greene.



What book or series have you neglected out of sheer laziness?

I don’t avoid books out of laziness but because I’m not interested in reading them.



What author do you have a love/hate relationship with?

Probably Jacqueline Winspear who writes the Maisie Dobbs series. I love the series and Maisie Dobbs, but I do get annoyed by all the repetition about past events in her books. grrrrrΒ 

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