From Goodreads:February 1933. Receiving a mysterious summons from her cousin Laurel, Amory Ames and her playboy husband Milo, set off for the Lyonsgate estate post-haste. The house was the scene of a tragic accident seven years ago when a reckless party of wild young things got out of hand, but it seems a mystery lingers on as the same guests reassemble and Amory is sure that the notorious Isobel Van Allen stands at the centre of it. When a desperate person turns to murder, it’s up to Amory and Milo to sort through a web of scandal and lies to uncover the truth and the identity of a killer.

My Review

I really enjoyed this audiobook, the third in the Amory Ames cosy mystery series set in 1930s England. Once again Amory and her playboy husband Milo are thrown into a murder mystery amongst rich socialites at a country house, the scene of a tragic accident seven years ago. Amory’s cousin Laurel wants her there just in case something untoward happens, and of course something does.

I was instantly transported to the Lyonsgate estate, a Tudor mansion that’s freezing cold and not in a particularly good state of repairs. As you’d expect there were unpleasant characters and also some very vague ones that I really couldn’t make out at all. One thing was for certain though, none of them wanted to attend this weekend and none of them could understand why they’d all been brought together again.

This was just like an Agatha Christie story where I was waiting for the crime to be committed and then for the murderer to be revealed. And would it just be one murder or would the bodies mount up?

I loved the tension as Amory tried to work out the murderer was. I couldn’t quite decide if she was brave or rather reckless questioning the other guests in her sometimes unsubtle manner. All through the book I was waiting for her to come face to face with the killer, but because I didn’t have a clue who was guilty, I didn’t know who would confront her, not until near the end. As well as talking to the guests Amory also read her maid’s novel, The Dead of Winter, written by Isobel Van Allen about the tragic accident, hoping to find important clues about that infamous weekend. I really enjoyed this clever way of learning about the past events, especially as Amory got caught up in the novel and would rather read then have a conversation with her husband Milo. 😉

Another fabulous audiobook narrated expertly by Karen Cass, who managed to portray a wide variety of characters from both the upper and lower classes of 1930s England. I especially enjoyed her portrayal of Amory and Milo, loving the banter between them.

I highly recommend this series and I can’t wait to to get my hands on The Essence of Malice, the fourth book in the series.