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When a young mother is kidnapped by unknown assailants, Detective Max Wolfe suddenly has a dangerous job on his hands. As Wolfe investigates the connection between the kidnapped woman and the head of a crumbling criminal empire, the hunt takes him from New Scotland Yard’s Black Museum to the glittering mansions of career criminals, from sleazy strip joints to secret dungeons, and from the murderous hatreds of today to the unspeakable crimes of half a lifetime ago. Why would someone kidnap an innocent young woman? As Wolfe plunges deeper and deeper into a world of darkness and vengeance, he begins to wonder if anyone is innocent…

My Review

This was an excellent audiobook, and a great addition to the Max Wolfe series. I really couldn’t work out who was guilty and who was innocent.

As the synopsis mentions above, a young woman is kidnapped and all clues point towards Harry Flowers an old London drug dealer. He only wants to help the police find the missing woman, but of course the police don’t trust him, and time is running out so what can they do?

Once again Max Wolfe is faced with an impossible situation and needs all his wits about him in this latest book. I still really like Max, and love hearing about his personal life as a single Dad with his 8 year old daughter Scout and spaniel Stan. He’s a likeable guy who wants to do things correctly, but sometimes he ends up getting hurt by the villains.

Talking of villains there are some really good ones in this book. Just like Max I really couldn’t decide who had carried out the kidnapping and why. Was it planned or just some random act?

Colin Mace’s narration is perfect, he is Max Wolfe to me and I can’t imagine reading these books now that I’ve heard them as audiobooks. I still haven’t listened to the first few books in the series but want to, even though I started listening from book 4 last year.

I definitely recommend this series, especially if you enjoy police police procedurals, but perhaps you should start at book one and not book four. πŸ˜‰