29747379._SY475_From Goodreads: “Following the success of his award-longlisted Childish Spirits and its sequel The Spirit of London, prolific children’s author Rob Keeley is back with The Sword of the Spirit, the third instalment in his thrilling and suspenseful Spirits series.

“There are truths which must be revealed before the battle may commence. You do not yet know the meaning of the sword.”

Ellie’s investigations into the spirit world have reached a medieval castle, where archaeologists are digging for the fabled Sword of St Merrell. But she didn’t expect to meet a real medieval knight. Nor was she expecting him to be an ancestor of Edward Fitzberranger. Ellie discovers that behind a legend of chivalry and bravery lies a dark and nasty truth. And worse is to come. Ellie’s meddling has consequences she could never have foreseen. This time, she may have gone too far…

The Sword of the Spirit works both as a standalone novel and as part of a series. It will appeal to girls and boys of upper primary and lower secondary age – primarily 8-12 – and to parents and teachers reading the book aloud.”

My Review

A wonderful third story in this fab series of ghost stories for children. I actually think this is my favourite so far, and I may have new book crush! I mean who wouldn’t want a knight in shining armour as their book crush!

Ellie has moved once again with her Mum’s job and this time it’s to a medieval castle called Holiley. Here she meets Sir Francis Fitzberranger, a real knight, who also happens to be an ancestor of her ghostly friend Edward. Ellie isn’t sure if he’s a ghost or not because looks very real compared to the other spirits she’s met. Just like Edward in the previous books, Ellie’s not sure what to do with Sir Francis, especially as he doesn’t really know how to behave in the 21st century. He speaks in medieval English with thees and thous and smells rather badly of body odour. She hides him away for a little while until there’s an opportunity for him to hide in plain sight for a medieval event at the castle.

This was such a good story! I loved the setting in the castle and Sir Francis’ story was fascinating. I loved the historical context and the humour laced throughout the story was great fun too. As usual Ellie has problems from the spirit world that have to be sorted out, and this time there was a surprise ending that I was expecting at all!

For some reason I that thought this was a trilogy, but I’m delighted to have discovered that there are two more books to read. I can’t wait to read the next two ‘High Spirits’ and The Coming of the Spirits and see what happens to Ellie.

Thanks so much to the author for my lovely paperback copy.