I know there’s been a lot of blog posts about whether book bloggers should write negatives review or not, that we should only focus on the good books and not waste energy on books we haven’t enjoyed.

I’m not here to say whether we should or not, just that I’ve been sitting on a particular review for months and haven’t been able to decide whether to post it or not. The book in question was an audiobook from the library and is part of some challenges I’m taking part in this year. Also I’d like to share it to warn other readers who might be thinking about reading or listening to it, especially as it’s part of a well liked series.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been blogging for a while now and I feel more confident in my opinions, but I feel I might be ready to go for it.

I certainly don’t want to bash any authors publicly for a book I didn’t enjoy, I definitely won’t be tagging them in my social media posts that’s for sure. However, I do want to be honest about my listening experience, especially as quite a few readers on Goodreads feel exactly the same way about the book as I do.

So what would you do, post it or delete it?