Discussion Post – To Post or Not to Post?


I know there’s been a lot of blog posts about whether book bloggers should write negatives review or not, that we should only focus on the good books and not waste energy on books we haven’t enjoyed.

I’m not here to say whether we should or not, just that I’ve been sitting on a particular review for months and haven’t been able to decide whether to post it or not. The book in question was an audiobook from the library and is part of some challenges I’m taking part in this year. Also I’d like to share it to warn other readers who might be thinking about reading or listening to it, especially as it’s part of a well liked series.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been blogging for a while now and I feel more confident in my opinions, but I feel I might be ready to go for it.

I certainly don’t want to bash any authors publicly for a book I didn’t enjoy, I definitely won’t be tagging them in my social media posts that’s for sure. However, I do want to be honest about my listening experience, especially as quite a few readers on Goodreads feel exactly the same way about the book as I do.

So what would you do, post it or delete it?


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  1. I would post it. We don’t like everything in life and it’s only our opinion on something that will help others decide if they want to dedicate time to reading/listening to it🙂

  2. Nicki, I would always say post it. If you didn’t like a book, you didn’t like it. There is nothing wrong with that. Doesn’t all the website want honest review? It is just that then they hide behind dishonesty.
    Where does it say you should like all the books you read? You would not be a human being, you would be a robot.
    Negative reviews make the book interesting. If everyone is gushing about a book, I am always sure the book may not be that good. If there are different opinions, then it shows that many have read and had different opinions.
    I have been trying to tell people to write honestly. Twitter has made things a little difficult. I have had authors saying their years of hard work, we are criticizing. But so what? If they want only positive reviews, then they should distribute their work only with sycophants not general public. I don’t like many popular authors and I don’t plan to read their books.
    If the author is intelligent, he or she will take the things to learn from your review and improve in the next book. If they are out to only criticize you, then it is better you don’t read their books as they dont have the maturity to deal with it.
    You are writing the review for readers so that they can take a planned decision to buy the book or not. Many authors crib that the book costs less than a coffee but to some of us in the world that money means one meal for the family or medicines for that month. So why shouldn’t you be honest?
    I have bought books based on gushing reviews and today I regret it as that is money which I could have spent for the health of my family. So ideally your responsibility is not to the authors but to us.
    This is purely my opinion. I have been harassed for having my opinion. I have been harassed by a best seller author and her fans for a year just because I had an opinion. But I stood firm. It is my opinion on my blog, a blog which I have spent my time and money on.
    And you got it from the library so the author is earning money off you.
    Be honest to yourself first and then to them.
    Sorry for the long comment

  3. I would post it. As long as you don’t tag the author or publisher. I do negative reviews every now and again but I tend to follow a couple of guidelines, just for me personally. If an author was nice enough to send me the book I won’t do a negative review, nor will I do a negative review on a blog tour. However if I bought the book myself, got it in the library, or got it from Netgalley I do the review – HOWEVER – these days it is rare for me to finish a book I’m not enjoying – hence the low number of negative reviews on the site

  4. For me personally, if it’s a book I did not finish then I don’t post. I would not be able to give a proper opinion of a book I had not completely read. If I had finished it and believe I could give it at least 3 stars and be able to find positives then I would post. At the end of the day, the decision is yours, but I know from reading many of your reviews that you are objective and fair in your opinion. xx

  5. Personally, I would post my review on Goodreads but not on my blog. That’s what I’ve done up until now when I’ve not been able to give a book at least three stars. If I decide not to finish a book, I don’t post a review anywhere and either shelve it as DNF on Goodreads or don’t show it as read at all.

  6. As you know, I post books I didn’t think much of in a recent reads, rapid reviews. So I would say go for it. The only time I really won’t review is if I DNF – and even then I don’t count it on Goodreads!

  7. Not all books will be everyone’s cup of tea. I sometimes like negative review, I’m always intrigued. Lately I’ve been lucky that I haven’t found any books I don’t like but I would write a mini review review as to why I didn’t like it.

  8. I do post negative reviews, because, well, that is my opinion and my blog is about my thoughts and feelings (Yep, I’m so selfish!). Usually I do try and pick out some positive points as well, but I want to share my thoughst on every book I read on my blog, whether good or bad.

    To be honest, I don’t think it matters whether you do or not. It’s a personal preference. Besides, if I really hate a book I will DNF it and mention that it just wasn’t for me. Do whatever feels right for you.

    Besides, I do like a negative review every now and then – otherwise it will look like all the books I read. I am seldomly harsh, but I tend to be honest about it.

      1. I would post it if you want to, I know you would be constructive and not mean. I choose not to put negative reviews on my blog but I would still add them to Amazon or GR (luckily I get very few!) The only thing I hate seeing are authors being tagged in negative reviews.

  9. I post everything. My objective, as outlined on my blog, is to share my reading experiences. That means everything. I never write unkind reviews and am just honest about what didn’t work about a story. Frankly, I don’t understand why we don’t see more of this on blogs.

  10. I’m thankful at the moment that I seem to only br reading books that agree with me – there have been books in the past I’ve not got on with so I just putthose reviews on my GoodReads page and don’t dwell on them! Not every book is for every reader so I think our reviews need to reflect that!

  11. Post it! I have no doubt you will let us know what you like as well as what you did not care for. That is what makes up an honest review and there is nothing wrong with that. I think as readers we all know that books are not a one size fits all.

  12. Post it! But it’s just as important to be detailed about why you didn’t enjoy it (which I’m sure you would) since that can help another reader decide if it’s for them or not. There are only so many books we can read in our lives and I don’t want someone to waste time on a book that’s not as good as others they could choose instead.

  13. Post it. It’s your reaction to a book and your readers want honesty. They don’t want to feel that you love every book you ever write about. I try not to make my posts completely negative – usually you can find something that works just to make it balanced…..

  14. I think you should post it. I understand your hesitancy, but I’m sure that even if you’ve not enjoyed it that your review will still be objective and it will be useful to others 🙂

  15. I think just be honest. My only fear about you not tagging the author is having someone else do it in on Twitter, which is what happened to me. if it’s an objective and fair review, then that is all anyone asks for. If in doubt just post to Goodreads and Amazon which is where many readers/listeners are likely to look as well.

  16. Wow, that post certainly got response! I’ve never had any hesitation posting negative reviews as long as you are not being mean about it, I think it is fine. A negative review will not necessarily prevent me from reading a book either, perhaps the issues which the reviewer had, are issues which wouldn’t normally bother me. So I say, go ahead! 🙂

  17. I think there’s definitely a difference in posting an honest review and bashing an author. I never see honest reviews as author-bashing because it’s just feedback on the book. Also, if your review helps people make their own decisions about the book, then that’s a good thing!

  18. I’ve been in this position too. I really appreciate honest (and kind) reviews! But it’s so tricky to be the one writing it! I especially appreciate honest opinion reviews of popular books that everyone is reading because so many of the reviews are 5 star rubber stamps. I think readers depend on reviewers for honest opinions.i don’t consider honest reviews as author bashing (unless it’s really unkind). I usually save my 2 star reviews for Goodreads because I like to focus on books I can recommend for my blog. But there are always exceptions. I would trust your intuition on this…..and you’re a kind and thoughtful reviewer so it will be great!

  19. Thank you for this post, Nicki. I am in favour of posting negative review as long as they are respectful and don’t tag the author. I personally like to read negative reviews as they allow me to better understand positive reviews from the same blogger. x

  20. Wonderful post! I’m one of those who posts their rambles either way… I think negative reviews are just as important as positive ones as long as they are constructive. They put the positive reviews in perspective and can give an alternative view on things that might or might not work for you in a story. Of course I never tag authors in negative reviews though (in fact, only in 4,5 or 5 star ones and sometimes not even then).

  21. If you’re just going to bash a book, then no. But if you’re going to explain – in as constructive a way as possible – why it didn’t work for you, what things bothered you, then people who have no problem with those things might think that they would like that book. I’ve had that happen to me. I’ve read reviews where the things that bothered the reader wouldn’t bother me, as well as reviewers saying they liked things that I know would not enjoy.

  22. Post it! We all have the right to our opinions! That’s the amazing part about the internet and how easily we can share them! I would just focus on providing structural criticism/feedback rather than being rude about it. I would not tag the author on social media either, but sometimes I think maybe they could use the feedback for their future books. Either way you should definitely post it! I think it can also bring in good conversations with some people who disagree and could may even bring light to the book that you didn’t see before.

  23. Just post it, a reader decides if he reads it or not. Also, authors should take a look into constructive feedback, it simply means someone cares about their books. Just my 2 cents 🙂

  24. I am not sure if you already posted this review or not as I am reading this post 3 weeks after it was published, but here is my two cents worth. I think you should post it. You can share what you liked and/or didn’t like about a book without making it personal about the author. Everyone is not going to like every book and that’s okay, I have read books by favourite authors and been disappointed by a new release and said so. It we can’t tell people about the books we dislike, then it makes it look like we are not being honest. I trust your opinions and look forward to all your reviews and would appreciate being forwarned about a book.

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