M1647_HardestRoute-238x238From Goodreads: “My friends used to tell me ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.’ Clearly, they lied because a few months later, I found out my one-night stand was pregnant.
I couldn’t handle a baby. I was Griffin Rockwell, the best wide receiver the league had ever seen. But what choice did I have? My baby girl was coming whether I was ready for her or not.
Brooke turned out to be an amazing woman and mother. For seven years, we were the MVP of co-parenting—and even better friends.
That all changed when tragedy struck our makeshift family and I was faced with the terrifying possibility of losing the one woman I was quickly realizing I couldn’t live without.
I was at the height of my career and on the path to becoming the greatest of all time.
But keeping my family together, with Brooke by my side, might prove to be the hardest route of all.”

My Review

This was a bit of a different listen for me as it a sports related romance and I’m not a sporty person. Also it was rather steamy which I wasn’t expecting! It was told from Brooke and Griffin’s point of view with two new to me narrators reading the story.

I really liked Brooke and her best friend Mel, they had such a great relationship and felt like real people. I loved the way they had fun together but also supported each other through the difficult times.

The romance was lovely in this story, but I must confess I found the sex scenes a bit much after a while and fast forwarded them. Also there was a lot of the ‘F’ word throughout the story, which I’m not keen on. What I did really enjoy was the banter between Brooke and Griffin as they became close friends and then so much more. Towards the end of the book the plot takes a dramatic twist which had me feeling very emotional and brought tears to my eyes. I won’t tell you what happens as I really don’t want to spoil it for you. Just to warn you that you might need tissues for this one.

I loved Elizabeth Hart’s narration, she was brilliant at portraying all the different characters and I will definitely look out for more audiobooks she narrates in the future. I wasn’t so keen on Alex Kydd’s narration as his voice was a bit too deep and slow for my liking. I did however enjoy his portrayal of Griffin and thought he sounded just right for that part.

If you enjoy steamy romances with a sports theme then I definitely recommend this audiobook.

Thanks to Hope Roy at Tantor Media for my digital copy.