44152823From Goodreads: “After a whirlwind romance and dream wedding, the new Mrs Ramsforth is whisked away to an idyllic Greek island by her adoring husband. But as soon as they arrive at their luxurious hotel overlooking the azure sea, Damaris is struck by the feeling she’s been here before…

Puzzling over the familiarity, Damaris’ honeymoon goes from unsettling to a complete nightmare when she finds herself standing over a dead body, unable to explain how she got there.

Now only one man can save her – fellow holidaymaker and former Scotland Yard inspector Jasper. But even he starts to doubt Damaris’ innocence when he discovers that it’s not her first time embroiled in a murder case…”

My Review

This was a brilliant cosy mystery set on a Greek Island in the 1920s that tied me up in knots trying to work out whodunnit!

Inspector Jasper was a great character and I loved his Labrador Red, so friendly and very well behaved.

Damaris was the perfect main character in this murder mystery, never knowing if she was completely innocent or if she was playing some dangerous game.

There were so many suspicious characters, mostly unlikeable that I couldn’t decide who was guilty and who was a red herring.

If historical cosy mysteries are your thing, then I definitely recommend this book. I’ve discovered a new favourite author and look forward to meeting up with Inspector Jasper again in A Testament to Murder, the first book in the series.

Thanks to NetGalley and Canelo for my digital copy.