51CNa10i1JL._SX342_From Goodreads: “Amory Ames might be wealthy but she is unhappily married to playboy Milo, so willingly accepts her former fiance Gil Trent’s plea for help in preventing his sister Emmeline from meeting a similar fate. Amory and Gil set off for the Brightwell, a sprawling seaside hotel in Devon, where Emmeline and her intended, Rupert Howe, are holidaying. An unresolved history between Gil and Rupert surfaces, and after a late night quarrel the luxurious hotel is one guest fewer by morning. When Gil is arrested for murder, Amory is determined to defend his innocence. But if she’s right, the killer is still in their midst?”

My Review

This really was a super audiobook, transporting me to 1930s England, with a very Agatha Christie type story set in a coastal hotel in the south of England.

Amory and Milo Ames were fabulous characters. Amory is very upbeat and Milo is so relaxed and confident I couldn’t help but love him, even though I didn’t trust him one jot. I really felt for Amory regarding her marital situation, not being able to trust Milo when he’s out of sight, knowing that the gossip columns are spreading news about their marriage all over the papers.

Fortunately she gets away to the Brightwell Hotel for a few days with her ex-fiance at the right time. Unfortunately there’s a murder and Gil the ex-fiance is accused of murder! Well what follows is such a good mystery and a fascinating look into the etiquette and fashions of the era, that I loved every minute of the 9 or so hours that I listened to. The descriptions of the clothes were wonderful and the dialogue between Amory and Milo sparkles! I can imagine this being perfect as a radio or TV series.

As usual I tried to work out who was guilty right from the start, but the author was so good at throwing lots of red herrings at me. I had an inkling as to who the murderer was but absolutely no idea of the motive.

I’m so glad that I picked up this audiobook, and the next two in the series from the library. I highly recommend them if you enjoy Agatha Christie style murder mysteries!