Happy Friday! #ThePositivityWave #14

Hello and Happy Friday! It’s time to join with Meggy @ Chocolate’n’Waffles again to spread some positivity amongst all the doom and gloom on social media and in the news. Please feel free to join in with your own Happy Friday post and link to Meggy’s post so she knows. 😀

person holding round smiling emoji board photo
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What’s made me happy this week?

Eating lunch outside in this gorgeous garden


Meeting up with old friends who I haven’t seen for years and years! 🙂

group of people doing star handsign
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Enjoying a short walk on the beach and turning this video into a GIF!!!!


Discovering that a G&T is actually rather nice!


Walking just over 6 miles with two of my sisters, ending with a cappuccino and spotting a cute rabbit! 🐰

And book post how could I forget!!

What’s made you happy this week?

36 thoughts on “Happy Friday! #ThePositivityWave #14

Add yours

  1. Selfishly, sitting on the beach in glorious sunshine in Barcelona on Monday when I knew it was pouring at home was lovely. Mind you, it poured all day on Tuesday in Barcelona but that made me happy too because hubby and I got to eat lovely meals together…

  2. I just started giving Gin drinks a chance this past year. I’ve avoided gin for so long because I couldn’t get past the “pine” taste. Who knew that I was just drinking the wrong type of gin? G&Ts are so good now!

    Also, I’m so jealous you went to the beach! Looks so beautiful. I miss the ocean and must make time to visit it this summer. ❤

  3. Hi Nicki.
    I went to a disastrous table read for a movie a few months ago, but I met a wonderful gentleman that is a student film-maker. He wants me to be the lead in a short film he is shooting in the Fall. Yay!

    I am going to my first, for real, live, audition next Tuesday, for a movie being shot next Winter. Wish me luck!

    I am loving my acting and improv classes.

    Happy Trails!
    ~Icky 🙂

  4. You got The Willow Woman, yay 🙌 I gave Laurence a little nudge and told him how enthusiastic you were about the giveaway and if he had any review copies left, you’d very likely be very happy with one 😊

  5. Oooo I love a gin! Bombay Sapphire is my fave!

    This week has been a normal, run of the mill week but we are on the countdown for school to finish as we are off on holiday!

      1. It makes me miss spring/summer and lots of flowers! Our garden is pretty bare right now (although the bulbs are thinking the winter is over before it even began and are appearing everywhere already haha).

  6. BEACH! Oh, I miss living close to the beach!! I need to try G&T! I am terrible with alcohol, my body is not happy with it, so I’m the apple juice girl xD
    Great book post!
    Thank you for sharing your positivity again this week, I’m sorry I couldn’t comment or tweet this weekend, I was in jail! x

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