Same Book, Different Cover Part #4


I love this meme created and hosted by Inge @The Belgian Reviewer highlighting the difference between covers for the same book. I’ve noticed the same thing happening with audiobooks as well, so let’s have a look at some covers.

Audiobooks are on the left and paperbacks/hardbacks/ebooks are on the right

No choice here at all I definitely prefer the same covers for the audiobook and paperback

This is an easy choice as I much prefer the paperback cover with the open suitcase

A harder choice, but I prefer the black and white cover on the left.

I definitely prefer the paperback with the take away coffee cup especially as it’s part of the storyline.

I really like the cover for the audiobook on the left, although the middle cover is good

I like the clean cover of the middle book even I do love the colour red

I like the audiobook cover, but I also like the cover with the red and white, so a draw I think!

Which covers do you prefer?

22 thoughts on “Same Book, Different Cover Part #4

Add yours

  1. Oh great, new choices. Thanks for the shout out again too Nicki! As it happens, I have a new post tomorrow in the series as well :-).
    I’d definitely choose the open suitcase with the book and the take away coffee cup too! I think I still prefer the middle cover of Need To Know with all the photographs, and I’m still going with the red cover for The Sentence is Death. The last cover isn’t an easy choice either, nothing really stands out but I think I choose the audiobook cover after all so no draw for me :-).

  2. I listened to Year One and though I like the cover on the right, the black and white one best represents the tone of the story. I was preferring the audio cover of the Jane Fallon book until you mentioned that coffee cup was a critical element of the story. I love when the cover ties into the story that well.

    Fun post, Nicki!

  3. Love this feature. Hardback and paperback covers can differ so much. I’m another who doesn’t love real peopleon covers

  4. I’ll echo the comments about having people on covers – I really don’t like it! It’s one of the reasons I hate movie / TV tie in editions! This is a fun meme though 🙂

  5. The different cover designs for the same book always fascinate me, I often wonder what factors in the decision making. The covers for Letters to Iris are interesting – the audio book cover is one I would likely skim past but the print book cover has me wanting to pick the book up! Great post 🙂

  6. Interesting that not only did the cover differ, but so did the title with Love, Iris and Letters to Iris. I am fickle with covers. I like them to catch my eye, which usually means colourful and a large graphic or image. Some of these were tough to decide my favourite.

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