I love this meme created and hosted by Inge @The Belgian Reviewer highlighting the difference between covers for the same book. I’ve noticed the same thing happening with audiobooks as well, so let’s have a look at some covers.

Audiobooks are on the left and paperbacks/hardbacks/ebooks are on the right

No choice here at all I definitely prefer the same covers for the audiobook and paperback

This is an easy choice as I much prefer the paperback cover with the open suitcase

A harder choice, but I prefer the black and white cover on the left.

I definitely prefer the paperback with the take away coffee cup especially as it’s part of the storyline.

I really like the cover for the audiobook on the left, although the middle cover is good

I like the clean cover of the middle book even I do love the colour red

I like the audiobook cover, but I also like the cover with the red and white, so a draw I think!

Which covers do you prefer?