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Hello I’m one of the book bloggers kicking off the blog tour for ‘The Art of Sherlock Holmes’ organised by Caroline Vincent of Bits about Books Blog Tours. Before I share my guest post here’s what the book is all about:

The Art of Sherlock Holmes - book cover“The Art of Sherlock Holmes is a totally unique experience. Imagine a dozen or more of the finest artists in the U.S. creating art for some the best new short stories written by some of the finest Holmes authors in the world. Each artist has envisioned their version of one story specifically selected for them. All stories and art in one large, hard cover, coffee table presentation volume. This first edition features artists from West Palm Beach, Florida. Future editions will be global, with participating artists contributing from all over the world. The Art of Sherlock Holmes was conceived and curated by Phil Growick, himself a renowned Holmes author”

‘The Art of Sherlock Holmes’ will be available on Amazon from 25th May 2019


Guest Post

The Art of Sherlock Holmes
by Phil Growick

Since we don’t know each other, permit me to introduce myself.
Before I envisioned the idea of The Art of Sherlock Holmes-West Palm Beach, I’d already written two successful Holmes novels, The Secret Journal of Dr. Watson and its sequel, The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes. Ergo, the Holmesian universe was not unexplored.
In my un-Holmesian life, as the Chair of Art In Public Places here in West Palm Beach, I’ve had the good fortune and opportunity to work with some of the finest recognized, and emerging, artists in the U.S. It was in those contexts that the two worlds met.

Wanting to promote my city’s beautiful art and talented artists, and my continuing interest in anything Holmes, I came up with the idea of having accomplished Holmes authors write short stories, ten to twenty pages each. I’d then have artists who live or work in West Palm Beach, interpret one story each in one work of art which would encompass the story which I’d assign to them.
When I called my publisher, Steve Emecz at MX Publishing in London and told him the idea, he immediately saw the possibilities.
The authors, of course, came first. As I say in my dedication: “To the artists and the authors who inspire them.”
Most of the stories appearing in The Art of Sherlock Holmes by these highly accomplished authors have appeared before in special, compendium volumes edited by David Marcum; himself an important Holmes author. In fact, one of David’s stories appears in our book.
While I don’t know our authors personally, I’ve admired their work greatly, which is they were chosen to appear in our book.
The authors are: Derrick Belanger, Mike Hogan, Denis O. Smith, Spencer Perkins, Stephen Philip Jones, Jeremy Holstein, Nick Cardillo, Marcia Wilson, Richard Dean Starr and E.R. Bower, Mark Mower, Thomas A. Turley, Paul W. Nash, Daniel D. Victor, and me.
The artists are an amazing group who saw the challenge and excitement of the idea and plunged into their assignments with an amalgam of humour and, in some instances, ferocity.
I chose artists who range from sculpture, abstract, surrealist, figurative, realism, cartoon and even the art of tattoo.
One of the 15 artists in the book, Bruce Helander, is world-renowned, with works hanging in the Whitney, Guggenheim, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC; among other important galleries and venues.
Tony Hernandez’ individual art is a spectacular rendering of one famous individual whose accomplishments are envisioned within his, or her, body.
Robert St. Croix is a world-class sculptor and abstract artist.
Terre Rybovich’s work is unique and mesmerizing.
David Teal’s work is primitive and easy.
Eduardo Mendieta is a marvellous muralist.
Bobby Franano’s abstracts provoke deep thought.
Lupe Lawrence paints nature’s and architectural wonders.
Tracy Guiteau’s work, rich in colour, are also Holmesian mysteries in themselves.
Pat Crowley is a noted political and cultural cartoonist.
JR Linton is a wonderful tattoo artist.
Nune Asatryan is an enigmatic abstract painter of great depth.
Andy Pereira blends abstract and surrealism into colourful explosions.
Amber Tutwiler describes herself as interdisciplinary.
Vicki Siegel appealed to me because she depicts women so beautifully and I chose her for my story because my central character is a woman who I needed to be portrayed in an alluring and enigmatic manner.
Moving forward, we’re fortunate enough to have a special exhibition of the actual art at the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens, a very important and beautiful art venue here in West Palm Beach. The exhibition will last from May 10-June 3, with attendant and welcome media coverage.
In fact, The Art of Sherlock Holmes-West Palm Beach has proved so successful, that the USA Edition 1 will be published in Fall 2019, featuring artists from all over the United States.
Global Edition 1 will be published in Winter 2019, and Global Edition 2 will be published in Spring 2020. These global editions will feature artists from the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Indonesia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Finland, Sweden, Slovenia, Greece, Oman, Israel, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Austria, Israel, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, and the USA.
All these volumes are large, hard cover, coffee table art books. At this point I need to thank our publisher for referring all the incredible authors and producing such beautiful volumes; not only for the enjoyment of Holmes fans, but for anyone who appreciates great literature along with great art.


About Phil Growick

The project was conceived by and is curated by Phil Growick. Phil ran one of the world’s leading executive search firms in the advertising industry. Phil’s network in the creative world is unparalleled which is perfect for artist acquisition. Now living in West Palm, Phil is heavily involved in the local art community and as a two-time Sherlock Holmes novelist came up with the concept of combining two of his passions – art and Holmes.
“You’re presented with murder, theft, treason, betrayal, love, loss and greed. All the ingredients to make a delicious Holmes meal of mystery: inimitable interpretations of truly unique Holmes stories.”

You can find Phil Growick here:
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MX Publishing

MX is the world’s largest Sherlock Holmes publisher. The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories is the world’s largest new Sherlock stories collection with twelve bestselling volumes in the last four years – with three more volumes due in May 2019. Over 100 authors have taken part in the anthology including NY Times best sellers Lee Child, Jonathan Kellerman, Lyndsay Faye and Bonnie MacBird.

The collection raises money for the Stepping Stones School ( a school for children with learning disabilities) at Undershaw, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s former home which carries the Estate’s Conan Doyle Seal. The collection has overwhelming support from leading Sherlockians worldwide. MX are in a perfect position to bring the best in Holmes fiction and the Sherlock fan base to the project.
MX’ other project is the Happy Life Children’s Home in Nairobi, Kenya. Twinned with Stepping Stones, Happy Life has saved the lives of over 600 abandoned babies in the last two decades. The project has expanded to include a school and paediatric hospital.

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