Screenshot_2019-04-08 Love, Iris - W F Howes LtdFrom Goodreads: “Gigi and Tess aren’t the most obvious of friends. Gigi is a grandmother, Tess is pregnant for the first time. But when they meet, each one is coping with their own secret sadness. Tess is writing letters to her unborn baby with no one else to turn to, and Gigi has reached breaking point in her marriage. Little do they know how much they will come to mean to one another as both of their lives are turned upside-down.

Their story is about love in all its forms: the love between a mother and her unborn child, between a grandmother and her granddaughter, between spouses and between friends. Tess and Gigi will find what they need most in the place they least expect, and learn to understand the future by unlocking the past . . .”

My Review

Well what can I say about this book except you’re going to need tissues! Also you probably shouldn’t listen to this in public as you’ll definitely get strange looks as you sigh out loud, smile, laugh and whimper your way through it.

I wasn’t too sure about this book in the beginning as I thought it would be a very emotional story only about elderly relations with dementia. I’m a big wuss when it comes to difficult storylines and normally shy away from them, but I really wanted to find out how Tess and Gigi’s stories ended after they first met in a nursing home for dementia patients. They were both wonderful characters full of life, hopes, dreams and complications!

I loved the scenes between Tess and her best friend Holly, Gigi and her daughter-in-law Emily and all the scenes with Ollie! The letters Tess writes to her unborn baby are so lovely, as are Tess’ memories of the years she spent with her Grandmother Iris.

Gabrielle Glaister’s narration was outstanding, bringing so many of my feelings alive as I listened to this book. I absolutely loved her portrayal of Tess, Holly, Gigi and Ollie. This book has definitely made her a new favourite narrator for me.

Although I was concerned this book would be a difficult listen for me, it was only a little bit uncomfortable at times, not nearly as bad as I anticipated. In fact it was a lovely listen that made me smile a lot as I got to know these wonderful characters. I actually feel a little bit sad that I won’t be spending any more time with them now that I’ve finished listening to it.

I thoroughly recommend this one if you enjoy family dramas full of hope and love.